A Digital Agency That Makes Real Promises and Honors Them Effectively

With all the fake media around, it does sometimes appear that the world is losing its way. The digital world is prone to false appearances with everything looking so cool that it is mistaken for the truth. Avoid getting fooled by enticing surfaces that is the mistake the millions make, proved by the extent of crime and fake goods. A digital agency will help sort out what is authentic and show the path to success with a combination of software wonders and creativity. If the business is weakening, it is certainly not the end of the world. Here is the opportunity to start an intensified campaign afresh and make the finer adjustments needed.Realistic marketing campaigns online are most importantNow that every business seems to be shifting online along with administration and management, it is a teeming world out there like the fish in the ocean. Quite likely the smaller businesses would be swallowed up by the big names. That is not the truth either, because certain techniques and algorithms decide which company names appear at the beginning of that long, lost list of answers to search queries. Several factors are involved that include keywords and images and videos. With everything done according to the emerging trends, businesses are ready to hit the target. Leave it to the professionals!

Brand Research and Development and AnalyticsSoftware is the king nowadays as everybody realizes. The problem is that software is constantly evolving and very fast. It is software that enables research and knowledge of how the market and the competition are faring, perhaps with a few clicks. Yet, it is humans with the appropriate knowledge of technology who can achieve that. Be assured that the ailing or hesitating business would be elevated gradually and results would be visible with better revenues soon enough, perhaps within months.Making online presences felt with creative methodsJust like everybody wishes to be noticed with an alluring dress, perfume and jewelry at an exclusive party, the business needs to stand apart above the crowd to be noticed. A digital agency can ensure such a striking presence with creative and digital methods along with the marketing techniques. Not all the concepts and ideas are easily understood because of their technical nature, but they would explain in layman terms. The striking and successful results can be seen in the media of companies that are flying high that were once down in the dumps. Just like human fortunes rise and fall like the hills and valleys, so do business fortunes, but hardly by luck and chance. It is all carefully engineered, planned and executed. Specialists would get to the root of the problem and find rectifications.The company works closely with the clients, exchanging views and mutually finding paths to success. No mystery remains when the client understands at least partially what is being attempted. Working together has been the secret of the company success.Social media marketing assumes great importanceIt is hard to believe that social media has enveloped the whole world! Images and videos, text and design are all crucial to prepare striking messages that will travel the world like comets. Advertising is the only path to success and here are some unique methods to get it done over social media. Some things cannot fail like the sun rising each morning and here are some fail-safe methods to success.

Film and photography based advertisingNow that video and images have become so common in daily life, they are taken for granted as if it is a purely mechanical process. Imagine the infinite possibilities of creativity when the different aspects are blended together like a recipe for successful media adventures. The daily dose of media does contains many of those wonders and they are considered ordinary. Sometimes, it pays to be unconventional and thus attract attention rather than the sameness that is found everywhere like in uniforms. That process requires courage and the ability to experiment and be smart.Combine social media, Google advertising along with a chic website perhaps with a mall store for the bigger businesses and watch the revenues increase. The digital agency methods apply to businesses of every dimension at whatever stage of its career.

Understanding Professional Liability Insurance

Design firms face a myriad of risks to manage. Professional Liability Insurance (AKA Errors and Omissions Insurance) is one critical tool that a design firm can use for protection from actual or alleged negligent acts in the performance of its professional services.

Professional Liability Insurance coverage demands special attention due to the unique nature of the coverage that is provided. Understanding your policy will empower you with the precise knowledge of exactly what you are paying for and may even help to improve your firm’s profitability. In addition, your understanding of professional liability insurance can help you purchase appropriate coverage in order to reduce the impact of claims.

Purchasing Professional Liability Insurance is a very important decision. The premium for Professional Liability Insurance can range from one to two percent of a firm’s revenues or even more. As insurance brokers dedicated to serving your industry, we understand the intricacies of professional liability insurance for design firms. We would like to share four basics with you via this professional liability insurance primer.

Q. What does a professional liability policy cover?

A. In general, the policy covers actual or alleged negligence in the performance of professional services. Failure to meet your applicable industry’s standard of care will typically trigger negligence. Professional services typically include Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering and Land Surveying. Some policies also include Environmental Consulting, Construction Management and Technical Consulting as covered professional services. Insurance policies can differ widely. It is important to know the professional services that you are covered to perform. You can find this in the definitions section of your policy under “Professional Services”.

Another item worth mentioning is that many client-written agreements include adverse indemnification wording that may place your firm in the unfortunate position of being uninsured if such indemnification is triggered. Many indemnification clauses will make the design firm responsible beyond the applicable standard of care. As your agent, we are available to review such contract wording for you at no charge.

Q. What is the “retroactive date” on my policy and why is it so important?

A. The policy will only cover professional services performed after the retroactive date of the policy. Your policy may provide “fully retroactive” coverage or it may be limited to a certain date. The retroactive date is typically the date that the firm first purchased professional liability insurance. The policy does not respond to claims, incidents, or circumstances that are related to professional services performed prior to the retroactive date.

When reviewing professional liability proposals pay special attention to the retroactive date to assure that it is not compromised. Keep in mind, a lapse in insurance coverage will typically result in losing your retroactive date.

Q. My professional liability policy is on a “claims made” basis. What does this mean?

A. This means that the policy provides coverage for claims made against your firm during a policy period provided they arise out of professional services performed after the “retroactive” date on your policy. Under a claims made policy, all coverage ceases when a policy cancels or is not renewed. Once a claims made policy lapses, it is like it never existed. Therefore it is crucial to avoid compromising your retroactive coverage as well as to maintain continuous insurance coverage.

Any claims, or potential claims should be reported to the insurance company that has a policy in force at the time you are made aware of the claim. It is also important to know that most professional liability insurance policies do not automatically renew.

Q. What are some common exclusions listed on a professional liability insurance policy?

It is very important to be aware of the exclusions listed in your professional liability policy. Following are some exclusions that we have seen to be the reason for a claim to be denied:

1. Prior knowledge: The insurance company will not cover any claims that a member of the insured firm had knowledge of prior to the effective date of the policy.

2. Prior to the retroactive date: The insurance company will not cover any claims that arise out of professional services performed prior to the retroactive date of the policy.

3. Not reporting the claim in a timely manner: The insurance company will only cover claims that are reported within a reasonable amount of time.

4. Claim against a firm not named on the policy: It is important to list all current and predecessor firms for which insurance coverage is desired. Most insurance policies will only cover claims made against a firm named on the policy.

5. Arising out of non-professional services: The policy will only cover negligence in the performance of professional services. Examples of claims of a non-professional nature are breach of contract, fraud, payment disputes, faulty workmanship, and intentional acts.

Please remember that this provides only general information regarding professional liability insurance and is not a determination of insurance coverage for specific situations. The actual insurance policy should be consulted for specific coverage details.

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